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Sun, Jan 15, 2017
Duration: 49 mins 38 secs
Bulletin Points:
1. Joseph Lived as a Son
2. Joseph Fathered Pharaoh

Questions for Group Discussion:
1. Share a childhood experience when you were looking for your parents. How was it like? What happened? How about a homesick experience?

2. Read Genesis 45:3. Why did Joseph ask of his father? What does this mean?

3. Read Galatians 4:1-7. Who were we before knowing Jesus? Who are we now? How did that happened?

4. What is the opposite of sonship?

5. What are the characteristics of an orphan? How can the orphan spirit be broken? (Romans 8:15)

6. Read Genesis 45:7-8. What does v.8 mean? How could it happen that Joseph would father Pharaoh?

7. Why did God take Joseph from the pit and prison to the pinnacle of power in the palace? Read Genesis 45:7-8.

8. Joseph lived as a son at all times and operated from an intimate relationship with the Heavenly Father. As a result, God gave him dreams and interpret dreams and gained supernatural workplace strategies to bless others. Do you know why God is putting you where you are today in the workplace? Share with the group.

9. Pray for each other for divine supernatural revelation and strategies for your workplace.