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The Problem: Modern Day Slavery

Every five seconds, a person enters slavery somewhere in the world. One minute it might be a 15-year-old girl forced into prostitution, the next a young boy enslaved on a fishing boat to work 18 hours a day for years without coming to port. It is estimated there are over 35 million people trapped in slavery - 65 percent of this - 23.5 million - in Asia alone. These victims, who can be found in factories, construction sites, within fisheries and sex venues, are coerced into working for little or no pay, deprived of their freedom, and often subjected to unimaginable suffering. The UN has indicated that there are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in history.

Our Vision
The 852 Freedom Campaign is a new justice movement with a focus on raising up our next generation's abolitionists to help end modern slavery in our lifetime.

Our Objective
The objective of the 852 Freedom Campaign is to mobilize ordinary people across Hong Kong to play an active role in fighting human slavery by using their skills and abilities to raise awareness, funding and new initiatives.

Our Target Groups
Our target group includes anyone who has a heart for wanting to see slavery end. This includes: Christians, students, business people, professionals, NGO workers, and the general public.

Our Partners
Any organization willing to join from all areas, including: churches, corporations, NGOs, schools, universities, and community groups etc.

Our Approach
• To educate, motivate and inspire a new generation of abolitionists
• To find practical roles for anyone who wants to help
• To experiment with new and innovative ways to raise awareness and funding
• To develop a community that walks together for social justice

Our Activities
• Interactive lectures and trainings
• Slavery film premiers; Social media campaigns: to go viral
• Sweatshop challenge: interactive simulations
• Song writing contests; Art, dance and live concerts
• Business mobilization; and voluntary professional support services to NGOs (legal, PR, etc)
• Short-term humanitarian trips; Data collection, analysis and dissemination

Our Donations
• Donations to selected NGO efforts (Victim Care -- Hong Kong, Myanmar and Cambodia)
• Efforts to engage the private sector in the human slavery fight
• Efforts to bring together NGO initiatives (to support the NGO community)
• Film projects to educate people in other languages (e.g. Mandarin, Cantonese, etc)

Our Contact Information
• For more information, please email us at 852FreedomCampaign@gmail.com

News Reports about Sweatshop Challenge

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