Encounter ... A unique inner healing and deliverance ministry

• An intimate dialogue with God
• A deeper experience of God's love
• Seeing yourself and others from God's perspective
• Viewing your circumstances through new eyes
• Healing of hurts and bad memories
• Recovering hopes and dreams
• Breaking through life's obstacles
• Reaching your full potential

Encounter is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry in which the main aim is to get to the root of those things that are hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each session may run from one hour to one and a half hours, and it may require two or more sessions to complete. Encounter is not a counselling session but a time of interacting with Father, Son and Holy Spirit for wholeness and pursuing of your destiny.

Book your personal Encounter with God. Be shaped and transformed from within. Please fill in the application form and forward to encounter@icahk.org for appointment. Due to high demand of the ministry there is a waiting time of 8 - 10 weeks. If you need an earlier appointment please indicate your reason and dates in the application.

We embrace Bethel Church SOZO Inner Healing/Deliverance Tools
• Sozo is simple, fast, Spirit-led and effective
• Sozo uncovers issues in minutes instead of yearssozo_logo
• Sozo connects you with God


“Sozo is gentle but a very sharp tool to uncover hidden lies and distorted perceptions I had about God and myself.”

“After Sozo, scales came off my eyes and I saw the issues in my family as they are. My marriage experienced a breakthrough after my Sozo.”

“The Sozo methodology is awesome in dispelling the great lie in the church today that our Father does not speak directly to His children.”

“Sozo is liberating and eye opening!”

“Sozo was similar to a spiritual heart surgery, and the surgeon is the Holy Spirit.”

pdfICA Encounter Ministry Application Form

To support and to further develop this ministry there is a suggested minimum donation of HK$550 per visit and HK$450 for ICA members (defined as persons having attended ICA regularly for at least six months). Each Encounter session will take up to 1.5 hours.

For more information, please contact ICA Office at 2527 2270.



Restored Intimacy

When Pastor Lindy asked me “What does God think of you?” I was stumped. Recognizing a blockage in my heart, I signed up for an Encounter appointment. I have been to Encounter sessions a few years ago, and I thought to myself, does God have something new to teach me?

Pastor Lindy started speaking to me in the first session and tears immediately rolled down my eyes. She told me things that only God knew, addressing my personal struggles and frustration. I have a lot of knowledge about the Bible, but it cannot be just head knowledge, it must come to be in my heart. I also had loneliness stemming from my childhood. My father hardly spoke to us, I was the youngest among six daughters, and everyone had to be independent from an early age. Growing up, there was no one to confide in at home.

During that same month, my father had a fall at home and was hospitalized. I was in a dilemma. Should I fly home to see him? What can I say to him since he is always so quiet? Pastor Lindy encouraged me to be thankful for my father, for his hard work ethics, and to go to him and hug him and show him my love. She said it didn’t matter if I was not fluent in his dialect, I could show him my concern with body language. I felt frozen and afraid, but decided to obey.

At the hospital, I held my father’s hands for the first time, and I prayed for him. He was in pain and was willing to receive my care and prayers. I talked to him about his past and realized that he never had a father figure in his life, who could protect him and say caring words to him. My grandfather passed away when my father was three years old, and because there was famine and war, my father took the boat to another country to find work. He suffered a lot and was independent and hardworking. He didn’t know any other love language.

During the three days at the hospital, as I showed love to my father, I felt God pouring His love and goodness into me, and I received it like a plant that needed water. I felt the obstacle removed in my heart, and I was able to love my other family members too. I was no longer confused and frustrated at them. The Encounter session has restored intimacy in my relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. My mindset has been realigned and my perspective has been renewed.

Grace Ong


Free finally!

I came for the Encounter Ministry seeking help for a lot of issues which made me very bitter and helpless when facing my family. Through Lindy, God drove home to me many things which He has been trying to tell me. God lets me know that I am free to be myself, that I do not have to shoulder other people’s burdens, and that previously I had been unwittingly partnering with the devil. I feel so relieved now, with a much greater sense of certainty and peace. Thanks Lindy!



My father and me

My family is full of girls. My mother had four girls, and among the four, I was my father's favorite. So I was extra close to him and enjoyed special treatment. I really treasured the relationship with my father until I was 15. When I came home from school, I was told my father committed suicide, and my mother fainted in the hospital from grief.

I was totally shocked. I felt my life ended when I saw all the things my dad said he would do for me would never come true. Because he chose to end his life, he would never give me the car he promised when I turned 18, and he would never be there at my graduation. In the meanwhile, my mother was so depressed that I suppressed all my frustrations, anger, and disappointments. I even made an inner vow: I would never believe in promises because I could only feel losses. So when I first became a Christian, I struggled to believe our Heavenly Father has promises for me. I even felt offended when someone told me I should call our Heavenly Father 'Daddy'. It was easier for me to just call Him 'God.'

At a Sozo session with Lindy, I forgave my father for abandoning me and not fulfilling his promises. When Lindy told me to ask our Heavenly Father what He would give me, my heart started to open and I began to receive promises. I saw a book in my Heavenly Daddy's Hand. When I opened it, I saw the book was full of words and visions about me. Page after page, I read what He thought about me and how He saw me; I even saw my promises. Finally, I removed my garment of loss, put on a new garment, and crossed over to a line of new promises!

Winnie Wong


Anxiety attack since childhood completely healed

I entered the Encounter Room in a depressed state and totally lacking in self-confidence. Hearing that I suffered insomnia for many, many years, the Encounter minister prayed for me and praise God from that day on I have no trouble falling asleep and am able to sleep through the night.

I suffered from anxiety attacks since I was five or six. Whenever I was in a crowd, or on a bus, the MTR, or even in a lift, I would feel people around me were staring and laughing at me, and I would get nervous and start to sweat profusely. That was why at church I always sat at the very last row.  It’s now been four months and I have not had a panic attack. I am feeling a lot more confident about my identity in Christ and I am a much more joyful person.

Sodhi Sandeep Singh


I was made new through Encounter

As I stepped out from the intensity of God’s presence in the first session, I knew I was already a different person. The Holy Spirit took me back to my childhood to heal the traumas. Jesus guided me on this journey, granting me closure for wounds I didn’t know I had, breaking soul ties I didn’t know I was held bondage to. And just when I thought I was done, the Holy Spirit identified the wandering spirit. This had been a lifelong struggle, just that I had never been able to name it. God lifted that from me and immediately I felt settled, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

I realized a lot of the hurts I carried originated from my mother. As for my dad, he has always been perceived as a distant father. Through Encounter I was encouraged to open up to him. I learnt that I cannot receive from my Heavenly Father if I choose not to receive from my earthly father. Finally, I am embracing the depth of my dad’s love for me, and how he desires to protect and provide for me. The distance is closing in between my dad and I, and so is the distance between me and God. I’m empowered to love my parents back because I have received a greater love and a greater grace.   

Sharon Chu


Something happened deep with my soul

I was surprised to realize how many lies I have allowed myself to believe in throughout the years as a Christian. Encounter exposed these lies and God set me free with His truth. After the first session I left the Encounter Room feeling so joyful and light in my soul that everything that I saw around me looked beautiful and colorful, and I felt like singing and dancing in the MTR station! Something happened deep within my soul. It was an unexplainable feeling of lightness, having burdens lifted and my heart filled with God’s great love for me. I have to thank God for turning me around through Encounter and empowering me to go on the Christian journey with him on a higher plane. Praise be to the Lord our Savior!  



Thought pattern changed completely

In the first five minutes God went straight to the issues which had taken me two years of  sessions with  a Christian psychologist. I truly had a personal encounter with the Holy Trinity. I found out what God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit thought about me. I embraced the forgiveness of those who had hurt me. My thought pattern has changed completely. I am no longer the same person; or rather I’m finally becoming the person God made me to be. I am so thankful!



Close encounter

The Encounter sessions meant a lot to me during the most devastating moments in my life. Through the close encounters with God I received a lot of comfort and I was much relieved.   



I walked away free

I find it very hard to put into words the impact Encounter had had not only in my life, but in my family too, as the ripple of healing is so great and far-reaching! The freedom, encouragement, and the touch of God are invaluable! Through the Encounter sessions I came to know Him as a tender, loving and validating God – I walked away from the Encounter Room a free daughter of the Most High God!       



It goes beyond this generation

It is not only a personal healing, but of the family and its family lines. It may not be to its entirety, but most of the sins and hurt of present to past generations are revealed, healed and cut off. It is liberating and eye-opening. 

B Wong


Hearing God more clearly

Through Encounter Ministry I gradually learned to hear God and the Holy Spirit more clearly. I feel encouraged and am now a lot more confident about what God has in store for me. I am enjoying more intimacy with God and the Holy Spirit! 

A. Lai


Encounter Ministry so fundamental

This ministry is so fundamental to a Christian’s growth that I emphasize the need to grow this ministry - ASAP  



God perspective

Before my Encounter sessions I was always unhappy about my relationship with my mom-in-law. It was so stressful and mentally disturbing that at times I felt like I was “in prison”. Through Encounter Ministry I was empowered to see things through God’s perspectives, and I began to treasure what God had provided to me – a very good and caring mom-in-law who takes excellent care of my kid when I am away at work.