Funeral Service

Our Deepest Sympathy

If you are dealing with the death of someone close to you, we want to tell you how sorry we are. This is a difficult time, and it is our hope that this information will be helpful to you. We know that planning the details of a funeral can be overwhelming, and we would like to assist you in any way we can.

If you would like to have a funeral at our church, please fill out our pdf ICA Facility Booking Form for Funeral.

Funeral and/or Memorial Services

Inform the following persons at your first opportunity in the case of the death of an ICA member [or the member’s family member / relative / friend who had been under the care of the Hospital Care Ministry prior to passing away. 

1. Pastor of the ICA congregation which such member attends on a regular basis;
2. Leader of the Home Group which such member has fellowship on a regular basis; 
3. Worship Pastor of the Family Congregation; and
4. The Hospital Care Ministry Pastor

Assistance from ICA: Family members of the decease will make an appointment to meet up with Senior Pastor Edmund Teo and the Hospital Care Pastor and to obtain for reference “A Guide to After-Death Arrangements” booklet as well as a list of Licensed Undertaker (casket shop).

Assistance from third-party service provider: Family of the decease may hold the funeral service at a funeral parlor of their choice which staff will provide assistance in making applications for cremation or burial, including the applications for the Certificate of Registration of Death, the Cremation Permit and the booking of a preferred cremation session or burial location, etc. It should be noted that cremation service usually takes at least two (2) weeks from the time of application.

Memorial service arrangement:

If Christian memorial service is required, ICA may provide all necessary information and even arrangement upon request. In the event the family of the decease prefers to conduct the memorial service at an ICA venue (i.e. Tanner road, JCC, main auditorium or mini-auditorium), prior booking is required. In such case, the following must be observed:

  • An application form available at the ICA Marble Road office or click here for on-site download and printing to book such venue is required to be submitted as directed in at an earliest possible date prior to the memorial service;
  • The use of ICA venue is free of charge as an expression of love (family of the decease may make love offering if so touched) except that casket (and hence paying last respect to the decease) is NOT permitted at ICA venue;
  • ICA may provide simple design and non-color printing and photocopying services for the memorial service schedule;
  • All necessary on-site layout and arrangements must be provided by the family of the decease with own work force and resources;
  • All such presentations as power point slides, photos, songs, music, colored materials with special design], etc. necessary for the memorial services are to be prepared and completed with own resources and delivered to ICA prior to the memorial service; and
  • The proceedings of the memorial service will be conducted by a person elected by the family of the decease with help from the Home Group members, if required. 

It should be noted that in the event the family of the decease desires that relatives and friends may pay last respect to the decease, the memorial service may only be conducted at funeral parlor.

At cremation: A short and simple Christian farewell ceremony may be conducted prior to the cremation either at the funeral home or the hospital or at the cremation site, as the case may be [and ICA] may assist as well.

Suggested Order of the Service

Music (background music before service: CD or piano)
Opening Prayer (Pastor/family/friend)
Song (optional)
Eulogy (family/friend)
Scripture (Pastor/family/friend)
Message (Pastor)
Song (optional)
Closing/Benediction (Pastor)
Music (Optional)
 1. Prelude
 2. Affirmation
 3. Hymn
 4. Prayer
 5. Hymn
 6. Eulogy
 7. Memories (photos/video)
 8. Scripture Reading
 9. Sermon
10. Hymn
11. Pay last respect (if needed)
12. Announcements
13. Benediction
14. Postlude