Hindi Indian Worship Congregation (in Hindi)


Pastor Ashish GreyPastor Ashish Grey

The beginnings of this ministry started in mid of 2012 in Hong Kong . The ministry is targeted to the working class of Indians in Hong Kong who are more comfortable when ministered to in Hindi language.

Our vision is to reach out to the Indian people living in Hong Kong and working as domestic helpers, guards, drivers, sales men , cooks, refugees, etc and share the good news of new life in Christ to them, most of whom belong to other faiths. We are here to meet the spiritual needs of Indian Christians who come as expatriates to Hong Kong so that their time in Hong Kong will be one where they find friendship, fellowship and encouragement to grow in the things of God. We also want to be strong and stable with emphasis on disciplining so that those who are impacted by the gospel message are encouraged to grow in spiritual maturity and service.

The church service recently moved its location and now meets at the BEST WESTERN Grand Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. The congregation consists of Indians from all parts of India and Nepal , and a sprinkling of people from other nationalities. All the activities and services are in Hindi.

In addition to the main worship service, currently there is one home group which meet on a weekly basis. As the congregation is expected to grow rapidly, since we sense a real breakthrough in the congregation's understanding and faith in Christ and their growth in spiritual maturity.