Hospital Visitation

In the event that an ICA member or a member’s family member / relative / friend has been admitted to the hospital due to illness / injury, for the purpose of visiting and caring for the patient, the member concerned shall notify via email the persons listed below at the ICA office of such hospital admission:

1. Pastor of the ICA congregation which such member attends on a regular basis;
2. Leader of the Home Group which such member has fellowship on a regular basis;
3. Worship Pastor of the Family Congregation; and
4. The Hospital Care Ministry Pastor

Together with the following information with respect to the patient:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Gender
4. Religion
5. Illness and brief recent medical history
6. Hospital name, address, building, floor and bed number
7. Telephone numbers with which family members in charge can be reached

While it would be a matter of course for the Congregation Pastor, the Home Group Leader and other members to visit, care and pray for the patient, the Hospital Care Pastor shall provide support by organizing the Hospital Care Ministry team to conduct [regular] hospital visit and commit to intercessory prayer.

If you or someone you love would like a visit, please fill out our Hospital Care Request From in pdf Adobe PDF File (.pdf)* or doc MS Word Document (.doc) . * You can use Free FOXIT Reader to fill in the PDF form, save it and send it back to us.

Service provided by Hospital Care Ministry