Kingdom Group

Kingdom GroupICA is a community of believers who are citizens of the Kingdom of God. Attending Sunday Worship Service is only experiencing 50% of our Christian life in ICA, while the other 50% of our Christian life is getting connected within our community. We do not need to live alone and help and support on each other to learn to be like Christ and carry on His ministry. We are not a crowd and the ICA International Service has more than 50 kingdom groups for all life stages ranging from teens, college kids, young adults, singles, professionals, young families, parents of teens and mature parents. Kingdom groups are for us to share, care, learn and grow together. These small groups are a safe place for us sense and experience the presence of God and practice and apply the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is also a safe place for us to share our struggles with like-minded people and learn from each other to overcome our weaknesses. Most Kingdom groups meet in the home, but some use offices, and church venues are also a great place for their fellowship.

For more information about Kingdom groups, please email Pastor Andisit Tiet at or WhatsApp 9105 9680