Market Place Ministry

Market Place Ministry


MarketPlace logoThe Market Place Ministry has two objectives.

We call it the two E's – Evangelism and Equipping Christians in the market place.


Quarterly lunch meetings and the Invitation to Life Dinners are two regular events we organize to reach out to those in the market place with the gospel.

Equipping of Christians:

Our aim is also to equip Christians in the market place to live their lives with integrity and as a testimony to Christ, to encourage and be a support to them in their challenges and to provide friendship, counsel and advice not just on spiritual matters but also in the day to day business aspects of working in the market place.

We have two broad methods to help equip Christians in the market place – teaching on market place and work related biblical values and principles and our mentorship program.

On a regular basis, we hold special teaching sessions using both in house and guest speakers with experience and insight in market place practices and issues that often cause conflicts for believers. We are also launching a fully revised and focused mentorship program.

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