Bulletin Points:
• They Went to See the Tomb
• They Left the Tomb with Fear and Joy
• They Went to See Jesus

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. Have you visited a cemetery before? How was it like?

2. Read Matthew 28:1-10. Why did Mary Magdalene and the other Mary go see the tomb? Why do you think only the women came early to the tomb? What were they expecting to see?

3. Why do you think God sent an angel to roll away the stone from the front of the tomb?

4. What emotions do you think the women were feeling? What would you have felt if you were with them?

5. Why do you think the angel told the women not to be afraid? What reason does the angel give the women for not being afraid (“Do not be afraid for...)?

6. How do you apply this principle at a time when the world is afraid of Covid-19? As believers why do you think we should not be afraid?

7. What very clear message did the angel give the women as they left the tomb?

8. What is the message God wants you to share with your family and friends at this time?

9. Pray for each other to receive the Spirit’s empowerment to share the good news to the people in Hong Kong.