Sun, Oct 06, 2019

Sweet! (Week 2) / Sweet Jesus

Bulletin Points:
1. Taste and See!
2. Come and Eat!

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. Which is the most memorable meal you ever had? Why?

2. What stood out the most to you from this Sunday’s sermon?

3. Do you find it hard to taste and see the goodness of God in times of troubles?

4. How did/do you get through the moments when you doubt the goodness of God?

5. Satan wanted to use the cross to kill Jesus, but the cross has become the very place where Jesus overcame the devil, sins and death. God will turn the bitterness in our lives into the sweetest blessings to us and our family. Do you believe that?

6. Let’s ponder on Psalm 34:8 and see how far we have come through on this spiritual journey. Share your testimony as the Spirit leads and pray for the brothers and sisters who are going through a tough season.

7. Let’s be accountable to one another and make the decisions to go deeper in Jesus. It is a wild journey but it will be full of God’s presence and blessings.

Duration:34 mins