Bulletin Points:
• God will make you stand strong
• God will make you stand on higher ground

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. What’s the size of your feet? What are the functions of feet?

2. Read Psalm 18:32-33. What does this passage say about the deer’s feet?

3. What did Habakkuk say to God in his frustration (Habakkuk 1:2-3)?

4. What is the best thing we must do when we find it difficult to understand God’s divine plan during difficult times (Habakkuk 3:17-19)?

5. When we put our trust in God, he will make our “feet” strong and gives us strength to leap over the obstacles. (Isaiah 35:6)

6. Just as God enables the deer to navigate every obstacle, he will provide strength and security to you in times of testing, trials and troubles. What challenges are you presently facing? What obstacles must you jump over?

7. Read Psalm 42:1-2. The deer finds strength when drinking from the flowing streams. In order to be strengthened, we must come to God in prayer and studying the Scripture. Share with the KG how you have been drinking from the flowing streams.

Duration:17 mins 6 secs