Bulletin Points:
· The Sheep Hear and Recognise the Shepherd’s Voice
· The Sheep Follow the Shepherd

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. Besides being white and fluffy, what do you know about sheep? How would you describe sheep and the way they behave to someone who has never seen one?

2. Read John 10:1-14. What does Jesus call the one who does not use the door to enter the sheepfold? What kind of person is Jesus describing?

3. Who is the one who enters through the door of the sheepfold? What are their characteristics? Read John 10:3-5.

4. Why is it important for the sheep to know the voice of the shepherd? What happens when the sheep do not recognise the voice?

5. Who is the thief that is described in verse 10, and what is his goal? Did the thief try to kill, steal, and destroy your life before you followed Jesus?

6. Share an experience when you heard God’s voice or you followed God’s leading. What happened? What’s the outcome?

Duration:17 mins 8 secs