Bulletin Points:
• The Lamb of God
• The Lion of Judah

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. Have you seen a lion in person? What was the experience like?

2. In what way does the lion gives the best depiction and description of Jesus as King?

3. Read Revelation 5:5. What are the two animals that represent Jesus? In what way are they an opposite of each other?

4. Why is it difficult to know Jesus as a lion without first knowing Him as a lamb?

5. What does Jesus, the Lamb of God, do for us? (Isaiah 53:7-8 and John 1:29)

6. Why is the Lion from the tribe of Judah? (Genesis 49:9-10). What qualities did Judah exhibit in Genesis 44:32-34?

7. In what way is Jesus the perfect embodiment of Judah?

8. If Jesus is the majestic Lion watching over you, how then should you live in this time of pandemic?

Duration:30 mins 42 secs