Bulletin Points:
1. Giving first fruits is mentioned in scripture many times
2. Why did God deal so much with giving?

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. What’s your favorite fruit? How does it taste like?

2. What is “first fruits” according to Scripture? Why is this mentioned so frequently in the Bible?

3. What does it mean to honor the Lord with your finances?

4. What are the common obstacles to bringing of our tithes and offerings to God?

5. Is giving of our ‘first fruits’ only relevant to finances? In what other areas can we honor God?

6. Read Matthew 23:23. How is neglecting justice, mercy and faithfulness compared to tithing?

7. How can we begin or continue to honor God on our finances? What practical advice will you share with your group?

8. Pray for each other in the area of provision. Let’s believe and live out God’s supernatural abundance in your life. What are your needs right now?

Series:The First
Duration:32 mins 18 secs