Bulletin Points:
1. How Should We Respond To Sin?
2. How Are We To Respond To Sinners?

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. “We don’t change in order to be accepted; we change because we have already been accepted.” What do you think of this phrase and what is its deeper meaning? Does it hold any significance for you?

2. How do you respond to sin in yourself? How do you respond to sin in others?

3. What has caused you to want to accuse someone of their sin?

4. Read John 8:2-11. How is Jesus’ response to the scribes and Pharisees different than what you might expect? Why do you think he chose not to join them in throwing stones?

5. How do you think God asks us to respond to sin? Is this easy or difficult? Why?

6. How is the voice of Christ different than the voice of a critic? What experiences in your life have led you to encounter these 2 voices?

Duration:42 mins 28 secs