Our Culture

1. We are aware of God’s Presence in all we do.

We do not do things FOR God. We do things WITH God. Our ministry flows from an intimate relationship with God, an obedience to His voice, and a passion for His manifest Presence. This passion is not kindled only because we need Him for ministry, but born out of a true desire to know Him.

2. We operate from a position of Sonship in God.

We do not strive for importance and acceptance. Rather, the love of God our Father brings healing and restores us to a place of wholeness. As we experience God’s generosity through His grace, the mentality that “There won’t be enough” is broken, and we are moved out of generosity and abundance just like our Father.

3. We honor and celebrate people.

We honor our leaders and those we lead; honor flows both ways. Honor values people regardless of their status because it recognizes that all people are created in the image of God. We affirm people when they do well and do not condemn them when they stumble.

4. We are a fun and relational community.

We value relationships and choose to be enjoyable around each other. As we have been adopted into God’s family, we bring family into all that we do. We grow in our trust and vulnerability with each other.

5. My part serves the bigger picture.

We choose unity above personal agenda. It is not about ''me'' and ''my'' but rather ''we'' and ''ours''.
Together, we build up the church for God’s kingdom, submitting to our leadership and trusting that they have the bigger picture in mind.

6. We are a leadership generation.

We create a culture that does not control but empowers people to make decisions, grow in their giftings, and to fulfill their God given calling. We see the potential in people and call them to greatness, knowing that our words have the ability to bring life to those around us.

7. We build the legacy of God’s house.

We build for the future, leaving our children’s children with an inheritance so that our ceiling becomes the floor of the next generation.
We have a covenant relationship with our church, born out of passion and sacrifice for our spiritual family and God’s vision for the church.

8. We dream big and do the small things well.

We are always looking forward and going further than we’ve ever been, knowing the best is yet to come. We are faithful with what God has presently placed in our hands, pursuing excellence and the wisdom of God in all we do.

9. We eat the impossible for breakfast!

We have a supernatural God who can do all things, and we don’t hesitate to bring any problem to the feet of Jesus. With joyful anticipation and faith, we partner with God who has empowered us with the Holy Spirit to fulfill our calling.

10. We re-present Christ.

Because the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we have received the calling to represent Him on earth. Jesus revealed the goodness of His Father to the world when many saw God as distant, angry, and unapproachable. As ambassadors of Christ, we carry His name well and show who God is, bringing people to salvation in Jesus Christ.