Our Kingdom Expressions


We are Kingdom people, who care about our city and beyond, inviting his reign on earth, both locally and globally by proclaiming the love of Jesus.


As sons and daughters of God, we demonstrate Kingdom power and bring supernatural answers to impossible situations.


We are constantly pushing the envelope, seeking excellence and innovative ways to communicate His Kingdom, reflecting His creativity in all that we do.


We worship God from an intimate relationship with Him as a response to His goodness as a Father and greatness as a King.


We celebrate and walk with people from all cultures, colours and countries because Jesus is the King of the nations.


We hold sacred the importance of living out daily Kingdom life in marriage, in family and across generations with the demonstration of righteousness, peace and joy.


We value one another as family and do life together, meeting during the week and growing through fellowship, discipleship and prayer.


We work with integrity, blessing those around us and bringing God’s Kingdom to our workplace through His favour and supernatural strategies.