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Sun, May 24, 2020
Duration: 17 mins 33 secs

Bulletin Points:
• Children Obey Your Parents in the Lord
• Children Honour Your Parents in the Lord

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. What is one thing you appreciate most about your parents?

2. Read Ephesians 6:1-3. Who are children told to obey? What does ‘obey‘ mean?

3. Why are children to obey their parents? Read Eph. 6:1 and Col. 3:20.

4. How does ‘honour’ differ from ‘obey’? What does ‘honour’ mean?

5. What is the promise that is associated with the command here (Eph. 6:2-3)?

6. How does obedience relate to having a good life and living long?

7. What are the practical things you can do to show honour to your parents this week?

8. Pray with your KG for your parents‘ salvation and health.

Sun, May 17, 2020
Duration: 20 mins 5 secs

Bulletin Points:
• Elders are to be Prized
• Elders are to be Mobilised

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. What’s your attitude toward aging? Repulsion or celebration? Tell us why.

2. Read 1 Timothy 5:1-2. How are we to treat or relate to those older than us? Why?

3. What does the word honour mean? How are we to show honour to those older than us? Read Leviticus 19:32.

4. If honour begins with the attitude first and then the action, how will you show honour to those older than you in church and at home? In your addressing, speaking, sitting and standing?

5. Read Leviticus 19:32 again. Note how the verse ends. How is respecting the seniors and fearing God connected and related?

6. If growing old is a privilege and a gift from God, what must an older person then do now? What can they learn from Caleb in Joshua 14:10-14?

7. If you are younger – is there an older person you should prize (more) from now on? Have you risen up in respect before the grey head? If you are older – have you slipped into an ungodly way of thinking about your retirement, and neglected to fulfill God’s plan for your life and his ministry for you in the church? What ministry is God calling you to?

Sun, May 10, 2020
Duration: 15 mins

Bulletin Points:
• Her Children Bless Her
• Her Husband Praises Her

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. What did you/plan to do for your mother on this Mother’s Day?

2. What does the Bible say concerning our treatment of women? (Ephesians 5:25; 1 Timothy 5:8, 1 Peter 3:7 & Leviticus 19:3)

3. Read Proverbs 31:28-31. What is the key word that is repeated 3 times here?

4. Children are to bless and praise their mother because of what she has done for them. Tell us some of the things your mother did you most appreciate.

5. Husbands are to “halal” or praise their wives generously. What are some of the things your wife is most praiseworthy of?

6. What are the changes and challenges your mother went through in life?

7. What is one thing you will do weekly to show your love to your mother starting this week?

Sun, Apr 12, 2020

Bulletin Points:
• They Went to See the Tomb
• They Left the Tomb with Fear and Joy
• They Went to See Jesus

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. Have you visited a cemetery before? How was it like?

2. Read Matthew 28:1-10. Why did Mary Magdalene and the other Mary go see the tomb? Why do you think only the women came early to the tomb? What were they expecting to see?

3. Why do you think God sent an angel to roll away the stone from the front of the tomb?

4. What emotions do you think the women were feeling? What would you have felt if you were with them?

5. Why do you think the angel told the women not to be afraid? What reason does the angel give the women for not being afraid (“Do not be afraid for...)?

6. How do you apply this principle at a time when the world is afraid of Covid-19? As believers why do you think we should not be afraid?

7. What very clear message did the angel give the women as they left the tomb?

8. What is the message God wants you to share with your family and friends at this time?

9. Pray for each other to receive the Spirit’s empowerment to share the good news to the people in Hong Kong.

Sun, Apr 05, 2020

Bulletin Points:
• The Similiarities between the Two Men
• The Differences between the Two Men
• What would You Do with Jesus?

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. How did you come to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour? How did you finally choose Him? What was the process like?

2. Read Matthew 27:15-26. What was the real motive of the Jewish leaders for wanting Jesus crucified? Why do you think they had that feeling toward Jesus?

3. What was Pilate’s question in verse 22? What was in his mind? Why was it so difficult for him to choose between Barabbas or Jesus?

4. Who was Barabbas? Who was Jesus?

5. How would you describe Pilate? What kind of person was he?

6. What characteristics are seen in Pilate that are seen in people today?

7. Pilate yielded to the Jews’ demands knowing it was wrong by his own conscience and sense of justice. Relate a time when you too gave in to appease others instead of God.

8. What are current pressures others are exerting on you? How should you withstand them in order to choose Jesus?

9. End the meeting by praying for each other for God’s strength and wisdom so that

Sun, Mar 08, 2020
Series: Jesus Reigns
Duration: 33 mins 29 secs

Bulletin Points:
1. God’s Kingdom is Sovereign
2. God’s Kingdom is Here
3. God’s Kingdom is Invisible
4. God’s Kingdom is Opposed
5. God’s Kingdom is Personal

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. What's your country of origin? What do you like about your government?

2. Read Matthew 6:9-10. What is this prayer about? When and where is this prayer to be realised and fulfilled?

3. What is “kingdom”? How is God’s Kingdom and earthly kingdom different? Read John 18:36.

4. Read Matthew 4:17 and 12:28. What does it say concerning God’s Kingdom and His rule on earth?

5. God’s Kingdom is personal. Read Matthew 16:15-17. What did Peter say about Jesus? How did Peter obtain the personal revelation of Jesus’ true identity?

6. Why is “flesh and blood” alone not enough in helping us encounter or know Jesus?

7. Read John 6:44. When was the last time you had a life changing encounter with Jesus? What happened? Share with the group.

8. Sing a worship song together before closing in prayer.

9. Take turn to pray / praise the Father for making you his son / daughter through Jesus.


Sun, Mar 01, 2020
Series: Jesus Reigns
Duration: 37 mins 1 sec

Bulletin Points:
1. Jesus Baptized By John
2. Jesus Commended By The Father

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. When and where were you baptized? What did it mean to you?

2. Read Matthew 3:2,6,11. How would you paraphrase John’s message? Why was he baptising people?

3. What is repentance? How is it different from regrets?

4. How is repentance linked to your salvation: in the past? Now? Where does repentance to God and/or to others, still need to happen in your life?

5. Read Matthew 3:13-17. Why did Jesus insisted to be baptised by John? Why is the one who is without sin needed to be baptised?

6. How did Jesus “fulfill all righteousness”? What “righteousness did he fulfil? (2 Cor. 5:17-21) What was accomplished for you? What did he do for you?

7. Read Matthew 3:17. What do you think this verse meant to Jesus?

8. What do you think this same verse mean to us today? How has God affirmed us as his child in Christ?

9. Take turn to pray / praise the Father for making you his son / daughter through Jesus.


Sun, Feb 23, 2020
Series: Supernatural
Duration: 31 mins 33 secs

Bulletin Points:
1. The Power To Save Lives
2. The Power To Transform Lives

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. What is the most powerful thing or person you have personally witnessed? What was the experience like?

2. Read 1 Cor. 4:19-20. Is the Christian life more a matter of talk or of power? Why did Paul write this?

3. What happens if our faith is only a matter of talk? What happens when our faith results in and demonstrates God's power?

4. Read Romans 1:16. What is this power for? What does this power do?

5. What is salvation? How do we receive salvation? (Acts 2:38)

6. What is transformation? How does it look like when a person is transformed by God? (2 Peter 1:3)

7. Read Acts 1:8 and Matthew 10:1, 7-8, 13. What does God want to do through us?

8. Have you experienced or done the 7 things in these verses found in Matthew 10? Share with the group.

9. How is this lesson relevant to you in this unique time in Hong Kong?

10. Pray for each other for compassion, encouragement and faith to exercise God's power to transform lives of others.

Sun, Jan 19, 2020
Passage: Proverbs 4:23
Series: Keep Fit
Duration: 36 mins 54 secs

Bulletin Points:
1. God gives us a new heart
2. God is the new spring
3. We are to keep watch

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. What is something that has affected your heart recently?

2. Read Proverbs 4:23. How does life flow from our hearts in a spiritual sense?

3. What happens to your heart when you experience disappointment?

4. “The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart.” What do you think of this phrase? Do you find it to be true? Why or why not?

5. What does it mean when God gives us a new heart? What changes come with this ‘new heart’?

6. How do we keep watch over our heart? What are the things that can affect it both spiritually and physically? How is guarding your heart different than isolating yourself?

7. Together, pray as a Kingdom Group over your spiritual hearts and anything that may be affecting it’s spiritual health.

Sun, Jan 05, 2020
Series: Keep Fit
Duration: 31 mins 50 secs

Bulletin Points:
1. Be Thankful To God For Christ
2. Let’s Be Thankful To God For Everything

Questions for Kingdom Group Discussion:
1. On a scale from 1 to 10, what is the stress level in your life? What is your body saying to you?

2. How do you typically respond when you start to become anxious?

3. What is the best thing that happened to you this week?

4. From Philippians 4:4-7, what is Paul’s prescription for stress?

5. What is Paul’s secret to contentment? Where do you think he learned this?

6. “Living for Jesus doesn't remove us from life's troubles, but having Jesus enables us to deal with our problems in a better way,” What do you think about this quote? How has your faith enabled you to deal with problems in a better way?