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Sun, Mar 25, 2012
Duration: 1 hr 8 mins 28 secs

1. The Spread Of Pornography 
2. The Sickness Of Pornography 
3. The Spirit Of Pornography 
4. The Solution To Pornography 
Cell Group Discussion Questions: 
1. What is pornography?
2. Read Matthew 5:27-30. What is lust? How is it different from love?
3. What are the problems with pornography?
4. Comment on this statement by Naomi Wolf: "For the first time in history the images' power and allure have supplemented that of real naked women."
5. How does pornography harm children?
6. How can we be free from pornography?

Sun, Mar 18, 2012
Duration: 1 hr 5 mins 59 secs

1. Defilement Destroys Marriage (Heb.13:4) 
2. Divorce Destroys Marriage (Mal.2:10-15) 
Cell Group Discussion Questions: 
1. Read Matthew 5:27-28. What is Jesus teaching here? What does He mean?
2. Read Matthew 5:29-30. What is Jesus' point in using such exaggerated language?
3. In Exodus 20:14, the word adultery is associated with turning away from God.
4. Explain how sex is not considered an idolatry within marriage but only outside?
5. How can singles keep themselves pure physically? What is the standard?
6. When would it be the most vulnerable time for a person to be unfaithful? How can this be overcome?
7. Pray for each other in the area of physical purity. Break the curse and bondage and proclaim God's blessings over the singles and couples.

Sun, Mar 11, 2012
Duration: 1 hr 3 mins 12 secs

1. Marriage is for Partnership 
2. Marriage is for Protection 
3. Marriage is for Procreation 
4. Marriage is for Pleasure 
Cell Group Discussion Questions: 
1. Share with the group your favourite pets growing up.
2. Read Genesis 2:19-20. Why do you think God commanded Adam to name the animals just after He said it was not good for man to be alone in verse 18?
3. The first purpose of marriage is for partnership. Read 1 Corinthians 7:4. What does it mean to you? In marriage, there is no "I" but only "we".
4. The second purpose is for protection. How can a husband and wife protect each other?
5. The third purpose is for procreation. What would be your advice to newly wed couples? What are the challenges in having children today?
6. The fourth purpose is for pleasure. What is sex and what is the purpose?
7. How can sex be good and be glorifying to God?

Sun, Mar 04, 2012
Duration: 52 mins 11 secs

Your Renewed Mouth (4:25,29)
Your Renewed Hands (4:28)
Your Renewed Heart (4:26-27, 31-32)

Cell Group Discussion Questions:
1. What kind of trash do you usually get rid of in your home? What happens if you continue to keep it at home?
2. Read Ephesians 4:17-24. How does Paul describe the behaviour of the "old" self?
3. Read Ephesians 4:25-32. How does Paul describe the behaviour of the "new" self?
4. What can a "renewed mouth" do for you? (vv26, 29)
5. What can a "renewed heart" do? (vv26-27, 31-32)
6. True repentance is a combination of confession, contrition and change. Have you applied or experience this personally? Share with the group
7. How can we forgive others? How do you apply Matthew 5:23-24 and Matthew 18:15.

Sun, Feb 26, 2012
Duration: 27 mins 10 secs

1. Head Of Respect 
2. Heart Of Respect 
3. Hand Of Respect  
Cell Group Discussion Questions: 
1. Describe a time when you felt respected. How did you feel andhow did you respond to that?
2. Why do you think respect is so important to a man and love is so important to a woman?
3. Why is it easier to give respect to authority figures outside your marriage? What are the difficulties?
4. What role does Christ play in helping you respect your husband and others?
5. What are the ways / areas you would like to show respect to your husband or to others this week?

Sun, Feb 19, 2012
Duration: 1 hr 0 mins 2 secs

1. The Priority Of Marriage 
2. The Power Of Marriage  
Cell Group Discussion Questions: 
1. In Ephesians 5:25-27, how did Christ express His love for the church? What was His primary concern?
2. How is this concept of love different from the world?
3. Read Ephesians 5:28. What metaphor did Paul use in sharing how a husband  should love his wife? What does this mean to you if health is the foundation in whatever you do?
4. Comment on this statement: "Marriage has the power to set the course of your life."
5. Is it true that marriage brings out the worst in you? How does marriage reveal and express your weaknesses?
6. The power of healing love in marriage is a miniature version of the same power that Jesus has with us. Please elaborate.
7. Matthew 5:23-24 and Mark 11:25 teach us to first forgive before we confront. How can you apply this today?

Sun, Feb 12, 2012
Duration: 1 hr 1 mins 37 secs

1. F 
2. R 
3. I 
4. E 
5. N 
6. D 
7. S 

Cell Group Discussion Questions:
1. Share with the group about your best or closest friend growing up as a child.
2. How could Adam be in a "not good" condition when God is perfect and Adam was placed in a perfect world and had a perfect relationship with God?
3. Happy marriages are based on a deep friendship. Do you agree? Why?
4. How has/can your spouse be used by God to make you more faithful/closer to God?
5. What happen when both spouses are unfriendly to each other? When one is friendly and the other is unfriendly?
6. Comment on "back-to-back" marriage, "shoulder-to-shoulder" marriage and "face-to-face" marriage.
7. Read Ecclesiastes 9:2-9. How do you plan to enjoy life with your spouse/future spouse?

Sun, Feb 05, 2012
Duration: 1 hr 3 mins 42 secs

1. Marriage defined by God 
2. Marriage designed by God  
Cell Group Discussion Questions: 
1. Why didn't God create Adam and Eve at the same time?
2. What does this passage (Genesis 2:21-25) tell you about the nature of men and women?
3. Marriage is defined by God as monogamy. What's the problem with same sex marriages?
4. Read Hebrews 13:4. Why does our society have such a problem keeping the marriage bed pure? How can it be kept pure?
5. What are the consequences of divorce? How can it be avoided?
6. Why were Adam and Eve naked and not ashamed? How would you define "intimacy" in marriage in this context?
7. How can a couple develop emotional, mental, spiritual and physical intimacy?

Sun, Jan 29, 2012
Duration: 40 mins 52 secs

1. The Great Commission 
2. Marriage and the Great Commission 
Cell Group Discussion Questions: 
1. What is the Great Commission? Read Luke 24:45-49, Matt 28:18-20 & Acts 1:8 and discuss the content and the importance of the Great Commission.
2. Discuss how the Great Commission applies to every Christian; how we can have different roles.
3. Read Luke 14:26. What does it mean?
4. Read 1 Corinthians 7:29-31. How can we apply this to our marriages? Can we think of any examples? Can we think of any problems that may arise if we do not apply this principle to our marriages?
5. Discuss possible benefits of joining short-term mission trips.
6. Discuss how much you rely on the Holy Spirit regarding any everyday issues you face in your marriages – both big and small issues.
7. Discuss how idolatry will prevent usfrom obeying the Great Commission. Any examples? Take time to pray about it.
8. Have you made a firm decision like Joshua, declaring that "But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord"? If you have, discuss what you will do differently from this year.

Sun, Jan 22, 2012
Duration: 49 mins 18 secs
1. Understanding the Causes of Conflict in Marriage 
2. Finding Solutions to Conflict 
3. Application of Biblical Principles to Prevent or Resolve Conflict 
Cell Group Discussion Questions: 
1. When did God institute marriage? What do you think is His purpose for marriage? Why does God want both the husband and the wife to remain faithful to each other?
2. What are some of the main causes of conflict in marriage?
3. Is there anything we can do to prevent or resolve them?
4. What are the effects of marital conflict on children?
5. Why is it important to apply biblical principles to resolve conflict?
6. Have you ever been in a conflict with your spouse? How did you resolve this conflict? Did you apply any biblical principle to resolve this conflict? Explain.