Bulletin Points:
1. Joseph Neutralized What His Brothers Did To Him
2. Joseph Magnified What God Did For Him

Questions for Group Discussion:

1. Who in your family cries the most? Who never cries? When was the last time you cried? What happened?

2. Read Gen 45:1-7 Why is verse 3 most difficult word for Joseph to say? What happened? What’s the background?

3. Why did Joseph wait so long to reveal his identity to his brother? Why did he finally spill the beans?

4. If you had been one of the brothers, how would you have felt? Why?

5. When confronted with the pain the others have caused you, do you neutralize it? Magnify it? Or minimize it?

6. How could Joseph embrace them after what they had done to him? Read Gen 50:20

7. How did Joseph become the Prince of Egypt? How did he end up in Egypt ? Read Gen 45:5-8.

8. How do you feel about Joseph’s perspective that God, rather than his brother, actually put him through the things he went through? How does that make you feel about your own pain and trials? How would your attitude and relationship with God be different? How would it be different if your relationship with those who hurt you?

9. How can the group pray for you today before this meeting is closed?

Duration:30 mins 57 secs