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School of the Spirit (SOS)

ICA-Academy-SOSThe School of the Spirit (SOS) was established in 2010 with a primary vision to equip, empower and release the prophetic ministry in ICA. Students of SOS meet regularly and receive teaching and impartation from those in the prophetic office.

God is speaking all the time. When God speaks to us, we are changed, encouraged, convicted and healed. We are challenged to walk with Him more intimately. Many in the Bible had divine encounters with God. They saw visions, and they heard His voice. However, many in the church today do not hear because they do not know that He desires to speak to them. They are not in a position to listen because they are unable to discern His voice.

In SOS, students explore the different ways that God desires to minister to us in the power of His Holy Spirit and the gifts that He brought with Him when He came to live in His people. As a class, students develop a dependency that is not solely on their acquired knowledge of God, but rather an ability to discern the Holy Spirit’s presence and His desire to use them in the operation of His gifts. Not only do they learn what these gifts are, they also receive instructions as to how to activate the gifts and believe that His power and blessing will manifest through them.

Prominent topics covered in the class:
• How to hear God’s voice
• The ministry of the prophet
• Prophetic intimacy with God
• The gift of prophecy
• Prophetic protocol

In order to encourage and edify the congregations, SOS students are committed to wait upon the Lord for revelatory words for the Sunday Services in ICA. Also, SOS have been mobilised to hear from the Lord for ICA’s special meetings, such as the Solemn Assembly.

Revelatory Words

February 12, 2017

Beloved, I became weak so that you may know My power; and I was impoverished so that you may be enriched. Indeed, I have paid the full price for your redemption. Therefore, whatever mountain you may be facing now, be assured that I shall lead you through it. I shall arm you with strength and I shall satisfy you with daily provisions. Move forward with Me!

I am releasing new levels of My grace to you. New levels of grace in your circumstances and new levels of grace for new beginnings and new opportunities. I have heard the cries of your heart, your prayers of desperation and I am releasing My grace, My enabling grace, which is always sufficient for you!


January 23, 2017

Old things are passing away, and new things have come.  Therefore, let go of the failures of the past and embrace your future, for I have plans for your success and not failure.  I have placed you where you are so that you may be fed, trained and equipped, and to enter into a season of My hope and favor.

My beloved! As you stepped away from the old, I am advancing you into the new.  Let go also of the familiar things and come into a brand new level of My presence.  I'm the answer to your every question and I shall provide a way where there is no way.  Encounter Me anew daily and expect to hear from Me with greater clarity this year.  The breakthrough is just a few steps away!


December 11, 2016

Because of the disobedience and waywardness in this world, there will be a time of cleansing and purging. No matter how bad it seems around you, I will take care of My sons and daughters and love them with an everlasting love. Therefore, stay close to Me during these times and live on earth as citizens of heaven.

Although you may not have the best experience this year, My good plan and My promises for you remain the same. No matter what you are facing, I will never forsake you and My gifts of love, joy, peace, hope and good health will always be there for you. The good things that I have prepared are beyond your imagination. Expect them, claim them and embrace them. You shall see My goodness breaking through!


November 13, 2016

Time is near for My coming back. I am pouring out My Spirit in abundance on a weary people and a dry land. So thirsty are the people that they would drink anything, but when I send My water of life, I will revive the people and quench their thirst.

I am hastening time and history. Prophecies will be quickened. There will be rising consciousness of the mandates for leaders that I have ordained. Although the opposition will rival by confusing and distracting many, My people shall stay focus and remain vigilant. I will raise up teams rather than individuals, and will bestow on them collective power to partner with Me to bring heavenly kingdom unto the earth. Behold, I am coming soon.


October 9, 2016

You are My treasure and I am building you up. Do not be distracted by the praises of the world, or be frustrated by the failures or disappointments of the past. Instead, share My love to this broken world. Amplify My word, which is alive and powerful. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not.

I am your strong defender, and I will go before you and defend your cause. Know that I am greater than the struggles that life throws at you. Therefore, rejoice and be glad for I will sustain you in a harsh land. Behold, I have chosen you to do My will in this city. Be alert to My prompting, be sensitive to My voice.


September 11, 2016

Some of you have found yourself a bit distant from Me as you have been too involved in other activities; some of you have not fully put your hands in Mine and walked in trust and faith as My true sons and daughters.  Surely, it is My heart's desire to honor you and to lift you up, and to see you ruling and reigning with Me in My Kingdom.

I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.  I am your Father who is watching over you and I shall direct your steps and show you the way that you should go.  Keep on asking, keep on seeking and knocking, and many doors will open to you.  Have confidence in My love.  Have faith in My directives.


August 15, 2016

I am the Lord your God who guides and directs your every step. In the midst of your waiting, learn to grow in faith. Be empowered by My Spirit and discern My timing for your next step. Be patient. The strength that you will gain through this season of waiting will empower you to face greater challenges in the years ahead.

I am building within you a deeper knowledge of who you are in Me. As you understand the authority that I have given you, you will know that wherever you set your feet will be ours. Irrespective of whether it is your marriage, your family, your ministry, or your marketplace. Know who you are in Me, exercise your authority, and rest in the victory that I have already won for you.


July 25, 2016

The Father of Light has shone upon you; you carry His glory, you are His goodness on the Earth, and you are His light in the dark. Therefore, do not keep quiet when it is the time to speak. Let the Lord's anointed words come out of your mouth to bring warning and awakening.

This is the hour to stretch your faith and walk on water. I'm bringing you to a new level of faith so you can enter into My promise. There have been negative words of discouragement and you have been hard pressed on every side, but look to Me and praise your way through. Keep holding on and declare what I had promised. You will see My light breaking through.


June 12, 2016

Do not be afraid. Do not let fear overshadow you. Life may have ups and downs, but the Lord remains the same. When you walk through the waters, He will be with you; when you pass through the flames, the Lord will never forsake you. He loves you and you are His.

Do not be like Abraham and Sarah who took the matter into their own hands and resulted in the birth of Ishmael. Learn the lesson from the ten spies who were afraid of the giants in the Promised Land and did not receive what was promised. Instead, trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own wisdom. The Lord will surely go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard.


May 22, 2016

The days of great harvest are coming! Do not think that you are only fit for gleaning near the periphery. Do not say that you are only good for sowing in the early season. I am summoning both the harvester and the gleaner, the plowman and the sower for the harvest, and you shall receive your reward and celebrate at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God? I have given you the authority to trample upon the works of the enemies. Speak forth My word boldly like a roaring lion and your declaration in faith will bring changes to every impossible situation. New breakthrough is on the way; don't give up, and you will see My Glory.


May 8, 2016

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against him. You may be in a situation where you wish to get out but cannot, or having someone weighing you down with no breakthrough. The Lord is releasing a river of life that is vibrant and pulsates with energy; this river will burst forth and impart life and victory!

As the spiritual battle intensifies, greater is the need to enter into His Rest, which is an attitude of reliance on the Almighty, and the sensitivity to hear His assuring voice that everything will be alright. Sow the seeds of worship and prayer. The Lord will surely watch over you and spread His wings around you, as you trust and obey.


April 11, 2016

Do not say in your heart, "I cannot see God’s provisions". Instead declare, "In Christ, I can see all things clearly". Let Me renew your hope because My presence has been with you at both the high and low points of your life. I have been cheering for you at your highs and carrying you at your lows.

The promised land and quiet waters are already before you, although you cannot see it. When the cloud of distress lifts and the fog of past failures vanishes, you will see them clearly. Therefore, lift up your eyes to the Author of Life, and I will enlighten your spiritual eyes to see the fulfilment of My plan for your life.


March 13, 2016

I have My eyes upon you, and I will work all things for your good. For just as I overturned Haman's plot against Mordecai, so I will overturn your situation and set you free from where you feel trapped and defeated. Behold, weeping is only for the night, but joy will come in the morning.

I will restore! I will restore! What the locusts have eaten, I will restore! That which you thought was lost, I will restore! I am the Restorer and I will restore finances, health, marriages, children and destinies that the adversary has stolen and robbed from you. Therefore, humble yourself before Me, and I will fulfill My plans and outwork My purposes for you.


February 14, 2016

Renew your mind and think rightly! I did not come into the world to judge you. On the contrary, I am extending a glorious invitation into all I have for you: life instead of death, health instead of sickness, hope instead of despair, and intimacy instead of loneliness. All this is available to you!

No matter how you feel about yourselves today, be assured that you are My beloved children, and I am well pleased with you. Indeed, I have already given you all you need and will continue to give you everything you need for every circumstance that you will encounter. Take what you think is ordinary and step out in faith, and let ME do the extraordinary!


January 31, 2016

My children, you who have received Me, you who know the full extent of My Love, have you put all aspects of My Love into practice? Do not love with words or speech, but with action and in truth. Let My love bring refreshment to your neighbors, for you are My ambassadors, and you are My body that outworks My purposes in this generation.

Unforgiveness is like rust that hinders the running of a machine. You need to forgive one another just as Christ has forgiven you. Then, like the lubricating oil, the anointing of the Holy Spirit will flow through you causing each part to function well and work in unity, bringing peace and blessings to this city.


January 10, 2016

Many will be in the valley of decision in 2016, and significant decisions will be made both individually and corporately. Just like Rahab choosing to hide the 2 spies, David confronting Goliath, and Peter leaving his fishing nets behind, we must be bold and courageous. Decide and take action. Before we become fishers of men, we must capture God’s kairos moment for us.

Value divine wisdom and insight over human calculation and might. The Lord has already stored up divine wisdom and insight for us. Therefore, seek divine wisdom as if we seek silver, and search for godly insight as if we search for hidden treasure. For those who seek will surely find it.

2016 is the time to repair the personal altar – to restore that precious time and sacred place of intimacy with God. It is the time for us to draw close to His heart and receive His perfect love, and to allow His grace to empower us to focus on the things that are truly important and eternal.

When we spend time at His feet and heed His word, God will turn defeat into victory. Just like in the days of Elijah at Mount Carmel, the Lord will display His glorious might and defeat the power of darkness. He will turn the hearts of many back again and they shall declare, "The Lord, He is God; the Lord, He is God!"

2016 will be a year which we should be prepared to make changes. Old ways of doing things and mindsets of yesterday will not accomplish God’s plan for the New Year. “Business as usual” will no longer be good enough. We should be ready to meet the challenges with divine strategies and radical obedience.

Behold, God’s glorious presence will dismantle fortresses of old mindset, hardness of heart and wrong teachings. Therefore, come before the Father with a teachable spirit, eager to be changed, willing to let go of the old ways, and yearning for newness of life. God will take us into a journey of continual renewal and newness of life.


January 5, 2016 - Solemn Assembly

We received an aerial view of the congregation at ICA’s main sanctuary. It was a delightful picture of God's children of all ages, classes, cultures, races and ethnicities worshipping and swaying their bodies in rhythm and in harmony. There was a new vibrancy in the atmosphere and we sensed the great pleasure of the Father over us. He said to us, “You are My joy and My delight!” His Presence was so manifested that we could almost taste His sweetness in the air. We saw that healing anointing was flowing out of people's hands which gave the impression that healing the sick and releasing miraculous signs had become a lifestyle of the believers.

We saw a group of trumpeters blowing long shofars at the ICA altar; all standing and facing the stage declaring the salvation of the Lord. We believe that in 2016, many families will be turning to Him with repentant hearts.

We saw the fire of the Lord fell at the ICA altar. The front edge of the altar was like a long trench filling with fire just like in the days of Elijah on Mount Carmel. When all the people saw the power of God, they fell on their faces and they said, "The Lord, He is God; the Lord, He is God." The Lord will astonish us with His goodness and mighty power as we walk in faith and obedience to Him.

2016 will also be a year to repair the personal altar – to restore the sacred time and sacred place of unhindered fellowship with God, and to allow God to draw us close to His heart. To receive His love; and His grace will enable us to once again focus on the things that are important and eternal.

We saw a city with 2 kingdoms, and a person with one leg each standing on these 2 kingdoms. Many will be in the valley of decision in 2016. It will take assurance, boldness, and courage to make up one’s mind and take action. Just like Rahab choosing to hide the 2 spies, David confronting Goliath, and Peter leaving his fishing nets behind. Before we become fishers of men, we must capture God’s kairos moment for us.

Behold, we saw that the people have come before the Father with a teachable spirit, eager to be changed, wanting to let go of the old ways and yearning for newness of life. We saw the word "dismantle" - His glorious Presence dismantles fortresses of old mindset, hardness of heart and wrong teachings. We heard His voice:"You're my new creation. The old has passed away, behold the new has come. All this is from God." God will take us into a journey of continual renewal and newness of life.