Sri Lankan Sri Lankan Worship Congregation


Rev Osman De AlwisRev Osman De Alwis

One brother and board member of ICA had a vision for a ministry to the Sir Lankan people in Hong Kong. This ministry grew out of his vision and was birthed in 1994.

As this ministry was growing, ICA felt the need for a full-time Pastor for the Sri Lankan group, and a call was extended to Pastor Osman De Alwis in late 1996. Pastor Osman became the first Pastor of the Sri Lankan congregation in January 1997.

The Pastor's vision is to reach the Sri Lankans in Hong Kong with the good news, disciple them and send them back to Sri Lanka to be a blessing to the nation.

We see a need to build up a strong home group ministry in the Sri Lankan congregation and instill a mindset to have each one to reach one.

Do you feel that you have no hope for your future? Do you have a life without joy, one with more problems and sadness than happiness? Come and visit us, there is joy when we have hope – we have the secret, come and experience it!

We eagerly wait for the opportunity to share what we have received with you. Every Sunday Sri Lankans meet together as one community, sharing and caring for each other. Do yourself a favor and join us.