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Theological Education


Theological Education’s key goal is the provision of formal theological education at the certificate, diploma, undergraduate and graduate level. The provision of theological education is to train and develop future pastors and Christian leaders and also to be a resource to other churches in the region.

Theological Education has six language divisions – Chinese, English, Filipino, Indonesian, Nepali and Sinhala – to meet the needs of ICA’s different language congregations. The school’s faculty is drawn from the extensive multi-disciplinary academic strength within ICA’s staff and congregation as well as guest speakers both from Hong Kong and abroad. The core faculty from within ICA include Rev. Dr. Edmound Teo, Rev Dr. Hilda Lo Hendricks, Rev. Betty Chan , Rev. Cynthia Kwon, Rev. Fraun Chung, Rev. Oral Paul Guevara, Rev. Osman De Alwis, Mr. Judson Kadow, Mr. Keith Welch and Mrs. Naomi De Alwis. Rev. Dr. Gatut Budiyono and Rev. Gano Wiyono of the Satyabhakti Bible Seminary in Indonesia are teaching faculty for the Indonesian Division.

The school offers courses including Bachelor of Theology (BTh), Diploma in Theology, Certificate in Pastoral Ministry, Certificate in Christian Ministry and Ministry Foundation Certificate Program. The BTh course is offered both as a second degree with lesser ‘credit hour’ requirement or as a first degree with a standard credit hour requirement. As the school grows in experience, it plans to offer graduate and doctorate level courses in theology.

While each language division offers programs pertaining to the needs of its congregation, the Ministry Foundation Certificate Program is offered at the Filipino, Indonesian and Nepali divisions as a three-year program to equip leaders in ministerial service with balanced biblical and practical content to help them grow in personal Christian life and gain effective skill in ministry. 

The curriculum for Theological Education courses is similar to that of a standard theological college but with a Pentecostal, Missional and International emphasis.

Currently, all the Theological Education courses are offered on a part-time basis aimed at those who are holding full-time employment and at the same time want to further their Bible and theological education.

Theological Education also provides short term developmental courses and training programs for pastors and Christian leaders.

Theological Education uses course material developed by Global University (GU) for many of its courses. GU is a fully accredited non-profit Christian university in the Pentecostal tradition based out of Springfield, Missouri, USA.


Courses currently offered by Theological Education:

• Bachelor of Theology (BTh) English and Chinese Divisions
• Diploma in Theology Indonesian Division
• Certificate in Christian Ministry Indonesian Division
• Certificate in Christian Apologetics (CCA) English Divisions

For inquiries or registrations, please contact the ICA church office at 2527 2270 or theological.education@icahk.org.