Wedding Preparation

If you are planning to get married, we provide marriage preparation class and pre-marital counselling service to help with your wedding preparation.


Marriage Preparation Class

ICA offers the Marriage Preparation Class twice a year at the fee of $500 per couple (member) or $700 (non-member). This is a 4-session class and the couple has to attend all the four sessions. Couples who are getting married but have not yet set the wedding date can also join the class.

Marriage Preparation Class

Nov - Dec 2020
Date: Nov 28, Dec 5, 12, 19 (4 Saturday afternoons)
Time: 2:00 to 3:30 pm
Venue: ICA Tanner Road Room 7 

Lesson 1: Marriage Fundamentals 
Lesson 2: Keys to a Good Marriage 
Lesson 3: Challenges in a Marriage 
Lesson 4: Sexual Relationship 

pdfMarriage Preparation Class Application Form


Pre-marital Counselling

Pre-marital counselling includes conducting a marriage preparation inventory: The Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding & Study (FOCUS). Inventory test materials cover a wide spectrum of communication, problem solving, lifestyle, personality, expectations, extended family, etc. and cost only $500 per couple. Our licensed professional counsellor Rev. Dr. Hilda Lo Hendricks will do the interpretation of the test and meet with the couple for 2 to 3 sessions to go through the test result at the cost of $3,000 (member) or $3,800 (non-member). One of our Pastors will meet with the couple for one additional meeting for spiritual guidance. The total fee of the Pre-marital counselling package including the test materials and 2 to 3 briefing sessions for members is $3,500; for non-members is $4,300. (There will be an extra fee of $500 per meeting for spiritual guidance if the couple requests to meet after 6:00 PM or weekend.)

Each pre-marital couple will be served individually in conjoint sessions by appointment. They will come in to do the FOCUS test which takes approximately 45 minutes, then we will schedule the couple to meet with Rev Dr Hilda Lo Hendricks for test result and 2-3 sessions of counselling, plus a spiritual guidance session with our pastor.

# ICA members are defined as persons having attended ICA regularly for at least 6 months

pdfICA Pre-marital Counselling Form


For Marriage Preparation Class registration and Pre-marital Counselling appointment, please contact Care Counselling Centre at 2102 0998 or email:


Wedding Ceremony

ICA is a licensed place of worship and our church facilities are available to you for celebrating and hosting your wedding. 

Please find the venue booking form below to be filled in and sent to us.

Seating Capacities

ICA King’s Road* 
   Auditorium Seating Capacity: 700 
   Mini-Auditorium Seating Capacity: 210

ICA Chaiwan*
   Auditorium Seating Capacity: 545

ICA Tanner Road 
   Room 1-3 Seating Capacity: 120

*Marriage Certificate Issue Location

pdfICA Venue Booking Form for Wedding

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